Over the past 40 years, the Bulldog Lawyers have been actively fighting for the rights of injured workers, as well as building an excellent reputation of hard work, incorruptible work ethics and constant advocacy for our clients.  Our memberships in specific workers’ compensation organizations speak volumes for our ability to continuously develop relationships with work unions and judges across the state.

Workers’ compensation companies know our aggressive stance and willingness to pursue full compensation based on our need to remain current, educated and accredited in the workers’ compensation community. This is showcased by the Bulldog lawyers active participation and leadership of several legal networks and numerous workers’ comp advocacy groups.

Organization Memberships and Distinctions

Being a member of an esteemed legal organization isn’t just about networking; it’s about staying true, focused and ahead of the game for our clients. As members, we are able to advance our knowledge on a Global scale, gain valuable insight from other members and build our reputation in order to make sure you have the strongest representation possible.

Below are a few of the memberships and recognitions our firm has received over the years – with many more to come.

Pennsylvania Bar Association

Helps provide continuous education, publications and networking to keep lawyers at the top of their game

American Association for Justice

Provides valuable information and resources to help lawyers get their clients the justice they deserve.

Pennsylvania Association of Justice Workers’ Compensation Section ,
Montgomery County Bar Workers’ Compensation Section


American Association of Justice Workers’ Compensation Section

(Larry Levin acted as Chair for both the PAJWC and AAJWC organizations for several years)

Provides support, networking, resources and discussions for the further development of workers’ compensation litigation, tactics and understanding

College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers is a nationwide organization for both workers’ comp claimant and defense lawyers

Workplace Injury Law Advocacy Group

The Bulldog lawyers are first of all advocates for our client, and proud to be members of the  Workplace injury law advocacy work, a respected/ elite organization which allows lawyers to see different techniques and tricks insurance companies will use to limit claims nationwide, as well as to track trends in medical treatments, that could affect a client’s claim – such as the current trend of physicians blaming injuries on age and wear and tear.


Awarded the distinction of being one of the first law firms to pursue and receive a verdict for mesothelioma and lung injuries against Johns Manville and other big Asbestos companies.

Excellent AVVO Ratings

Jay Shore: 6.6
Lawrence Levin: 7.7

Client and Peer Recognition

As a result of our advocacy work, we have become known throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and the US, as diligent workers’ comp lawyers, who strive to help those injured on the job, have a fighting chance. But don’t take our word for it. Read what others have to say about us.

“I felt like my back was against the wall, but whenever I call

[them], I see an open door…Something will happen for me”

“They treat you like family”

“When you’re hurt, the Bulldog Lawyers are the ones to call.”

“[They] give you the confidence that you’re secure enough for them to make the right decisions.”

“[I’ve been with them for 13 years] because I would trust them with my life. I have that faith in them.”

“I wake up knowing that I’m being taken care of.”

“They’re the best you can get. They believe in justice.”

“With Shor and Levin, they keep it 100 with you – they explain things and tell you what is going on.”

“I trust and believe in them because its about how they treat you.”

“Justice is not blind. With Shor and Levin, it balances out.”