If you’ve been hurt on the job then you may be suffering – both physically and financially.  People often become frustrated and overwhelmed when they think about how to make things better.  We recommend that an injured worker, with the support of his or her friends and families, take things one step at a time and:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment From a Qualified Doctor.  It is important to get emergency medical care, if your injury warrants it, and then follow up with a doctor whom you trust.  Follow your doctor’s orders in order to maximize your physical recovery.
  2. Report the Injury to the Employer.  In order to recover worker’s comp benefits you need to report your injury to your employer.
  3. Consult a Philadelphia Workers Comp Lawyer.  Your lawyer will take the steps necessary to maximize your legal and financial recovery.

We hope that these steps make the aftermath of your accident a little easier and a little less overwhelming so that you can recover and get your life back together as soon as possible.