We prize the independent spirit in America. Each of us wants to believe we can tackle any problem on our own. Some people have trouble asking for help even when it’s clear they need it.

If you have been hurt at work, you’re definitely not performing at your peak. That means you are at a disadvantage when you try to file a workers’ compensation claim. And that’s even before we consider your adversary, the workers’ comp insurance company. Insurance companies try to increase their profits by cutting expenses — your benefits — whenever possible. As a matter of policy, the workers’ comp insurance adjuster in charge of your case will try to deny your claims, to minimize your benefits, to confuse and intimidate you, and to bury you in paperwork. The day you stop fighting, he’ll have a good laugh at your expense.

Maybe it’s time to say you need help

Wouldn’t it be great, in a situation like this, to be able to call on a friend to give you a helping hand? Someone who has already had wide experience in defeating the workers’ comp adjusters at their own game. Someone who is both loyal and relentless at fighting on your behalf?

You need someone to guard your legal rights, while you concentrate on recovering from your workplace injury. You need a lawyer. You need us. We’re Shor and Levin, the Bulldog Lawyers, and we specialize in workers’ compensation cases just like yours.

There are clear indications of when you need to retain a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney to represent your interests:

  • If you believe you cannot return to your old job
  • If your employer wants to give you a “temporary” replacement job that pays less and has no possibility of advancement
  • If you’re going to need surgery or extensive rehabilitation to recover from your injuries
  • If medical care won’t be able to restore your health fully, and you will have a permanent partial disability
  • If you believe you are not getting the benefits or the care you need
  • If your benefits are denied — or terminated early
  • If you feel lost and confused by the worker’s comp system and need expert advice

You need a Bulldog Lawyer in your corner

We can help eliminate your confusion and guide you through the workers’ comp process. We have made a pledge to our clients: we’ll keep in touch and make sure you understand what’s going on with your case.

Your employer or the insurance company may say that you shouldn’t hire a lawyer, or that hiring a lawyer will hurt your case. Don’t believe that. You have the right to get an attorney’s advice at any stage of the process.

We want to help you get through this awful time in your life, and we really love taking on the insurance companies. There’s no charge to consult with us, so give us a call today (toll-free 866-462-8553) or fill in the online form to see what we can do for you. And, if you ask, we’ll be glad to send you our FREE book and DVD set, “We Wrote The Book on Comp.”