You may be thinking that you want to call a lawyer to sue your employer.

This question is asked time and time again. Can I sue my employer? Why? Because you are angry at something they did. You want to get back at something they did. You are hurting. You are in pain. You want to sue your employer. Well since 1914 when the first Worker’s Compensation law was passed in Pennsylvania you cannot sue your employer. Don’t listen to what you hear on the street or what other people did. The answer is clear. It is precise and it is unequivocal. You cannot sue your employer. So you are limited to your Worker’s Compensation case and understand knowing that you can’t sue him this is the importance that we place on a Worker’s Compensation case. It’s your only remedy. You need a good Worker’s Compensation lawyer to be your advocate. It’s all you have.

What do I say to a client who is noncombative and who is afraid of conflict and maybe they are undervaluing their own future their own what’s at stake?

One of the ideas you may have is that by hiring a lawyer you are going to aggravate everyone you have been working with all these years. I have heard so many times if I hire you and you send letters out that you are my lawyer won’t they be angry. Won’t they think I am suing them? Won’t they try to get back at me? Well the answer is they have their lawyers. You need your lawyer.

What do I mean by that? Your employer hires an insurance company and pays a premium to cover your Worker’s Compensation injury cases. That insurance company has a whole lot of lawyers that do nothing other than defend Worker’s Compensation cases. The day you are injured and a report goes into your employer the report then goes to their insurance company and the report then goes to a lawyer who will be handling the case if necessary. Why would you ever think of trying to go it alone knowing that? They have a whole team on the other side. You have yourself and your friends and what you hear on the street usually wrong information but that’s all you have. So don’t stand alone. Pick up the phone. Call a Worker’s Compensation law firm. Call us and let us be on your side. Let’s level the playing field.