As far as I am concerned the two factors that you should consider carefully in hiring a lawyer to help you with your case is experience and passion. Experience is simple. How many cases have you handled? How long has your law firm been doing Worker’s Compensation? Once you find out these answers you can make a judgement based on that model.

With regard to passion what do I mean? Well Worker’s Compensation can be time consuming. Sometimes a Worker’s Compensation lawyer is in court in the morning and at a doctor’s office in the afternoon taking a deposition. It becomes tedious. We handle hundreds of cases and if you don’t have a passion for each and every client that you represent, if you don’t stop to remember that that client is living from cheque to cheque, if you don’t stop to understand that to the individual that you represent his case is the most important and he’s not worried about the hundreds of others that you are handling. If you don’t stop and think about that you will lose your passion. I can assure you that the lawyers who I call my partners and my associates have that passion.