Here is something the insurance company will never tell you. “Every attorney that has ever tried a case or raised a claim is on a list and so the insurance companies know which ones will go to the mat and which ones fight and unfortunately which ones will take small settlements because they are afraid to go to court.” Yes folks there are people like that. There are attorneys like that.

If you come to Shor Levin we are on the list that says we are the bulldog lawyers and the insurance companies know that. We know that we are not going to take small settlements and they know we are willing to try the case and that’s what you want to look for, someone who is willing to try your case?

Don’t be one of those clients that comes to us after the case. I would say I get 3 or 4 cases a week from people who have got bad decisions from judges and I read the decisions. I see what the other attorneys have done. I see the evidence they have produced, the experts they have called, and I don’t blame the judges for deciding the cases against them. But when you come to us after the decisions are done in most of the circumstances it’s too late. Don’t be late. Get the right attorney up front. Choose us.

I mean most of the people that come to us have like a nurse manager or a case manager. The typical procedure for claims handling is you have a claims adjustor. Then you have a medical manager, a case manager that follows the claimant around and goes to their house to ask them questions, goes to the doctor’s office with them. And these people these clients naively think that they have to have this person. They can’t tell them hey leave me alone. They think that because it’s an insurance claim because it’s Worker’s Compensation that this third party – that they have to put up with this. They don’t. You don’t either.