If we take your case we are financially committed. We have to spend money in order to fight for you and it doesn’t cost you until you win.

If you are like me when you think about hiring a lawyer to be involved in your case you worry very deeply about what it’s going to cost you and I would like to make it clear in your case exactly how that works. If you are receiving Compensation and something has happened, a letter from an adjustor, an attempt to get you back to work, someone saying something to you from an insurance company you don’t fully understand and you are thinking about hiring an attorney let me tell you what it’s about. If you are on Compensation and you call this law firm and we accept your case there is no fee. There is no fee in a Worker’s Compensation case until a judge orders a fee and at that time it will be 20 percent. That’s regulated by law. It can’t be 21 percent. It can’t be 23 percent. It’s 20 percent and no matter which Worker’s Compensation lawyer you go to it will be 20 percent. So therefore in choosing an attorney since the fee will be the same you need to connect with this lawyer. You need to feel comfortable with this lawyer and this law firm. And so at the beginning this is the time for you to decide if you are comfortable. You have come to Shor Levin. There is no fee. We work for your as passionately as we can knowing that someday there will be a fee.

We invest in your case if necessary. Like sometimes a Doctor’s Deposition is needed. That can cost anywhere from $3,00 to $7,000. Well we invest in your case. We pay for that and we anticipate a win because if we lose that money is history. So we don’t even think about losing around here. We invest in your case once we take it. We are committed to your case once we take it, and while we are not on the fee as it is called, while we are not receiving a fee, that doesn’t change our passion because eventually if we succeed we will be taken care of. Our client will be taken care of. Our investment in you will be taken care of and it all seems to work out fine.