There is a limit in PA for the length of time for which an employee can receive partial disability benefits. Regardless of the injury, the cap is 500 weeks (and for injuries prior to 1972, it was 350 weeks). However, periods of time of total disability do not count against the 500 weeks. This of course has led to lawsuits or denials of benefits that hinged on when the employee was totally disabled, and when only partially disabled.

However, if partial disability starts, stops, then starts again, those time periods of partial disability are added together to determine how many weeks of partial disability the employee has used. But periods where an employee has been suspended, and periods where there was a stoppage of work, where benefits were not paid, would not count.

One exception, where additional benefits can be sought, is where the employee’s work related injury medical condition worsens.

If you are concerned about the number of weeks, which you can be compensated for your partial disability, please consult a PA Workers Compensation lawyer.