A former insurance adjuster writes in American Chronicle about the obstacles facing injured workers who want to return to work.

Margaret Spence says that most employers are resistant to allowing employees to return to work on light duty while they recover from their injuries or deal with a new physical reality.

For many employers, the only solution seems to be all or nothing. Return to full duty or don’t return to work at all.

Historically, the workers´ compensation laws have not adequately supported the return to work process – it is much easier to offer injured employees a settlement than it is to provide them with the opportunity to return to gainful employment.

It’s sad and frustrating that this is the case. By refusing to allow employees to return to work on light duty, employers may be driving up their own workers’ comp costs.

In her forthcoming book, “From Workers’ Comp Claimant to Valued Employee – Employer’s Guide to Implementing a Proactive Return to Work Program” Spence tutors employers in how to implement successful return-to-work programs for their injured employees.

Spence’s book is out May 2 and will be available in bookstores nationwide and at Amazon.