You know when clients come to us they bring a lot of different issues to the table. They are scared. They received something in the mail that says your benefits will be terminated and immediately hundreds of things come to mind:

  • How am I going to care for my kids?
  • How am I going to pay the bills?
  • What am I going to do?
  • medications are going to be cut off.

What do I do? I tell you not to worry.

Why? The first thing we do is we contact the insurance company. We find out exactly what their position is. We want to know what it is that they have, what evidence do they have, and we assess that. Secondly we want to know where the case is located, who the judge is, and why it’s important to do things in the beginning of the case to make sure your right are protected.

Many times people will come to us when it’s too late having given the insurance company an opportunity to have their experts examine them, their nursing assistants come in, their case managers testify. And a lot of times the information that our clients give us after we represent them we find that they have given the insurance company evidence that’s twisted, misrepresented, and evidence that we would never have given them had they been represented by an attorney.

If somebody comes to us we assure them that they are going to be represented by a passionate knowledgeable attorney, someone who has been there and someone who cares.