I take it personally. Sure you want a professional who is going to know the rules, who knows the judges, who knows the procedures and knows how to take a deposition. There are a lot of technicalities involved in this practice. Getting the right expert, asking the right questions, presenting your testimony before the judge in a good way. You know judges are regular people too.

You need an attorney to understand what that judge wants, and someone who does just a little bit of Worker’s Compensation isn’t going to have that knowledge and isn’t going to be able to present you in a good light the light that you need to be show in when it comes time for you to testify.

But you also may want an attorney who is aggressive who is not going to take the tactics that the insurance companies frequently throw in people’s faces. The surveillance – you know I could tell you little stories in my experience over the years of surveillance operatives pulling a fire alarm on a building that they knew my client was in just to be able to obtain the video of my client allegedly or they thought running out of the building. Of surveillance operatives letting the air out of somebody’s tire hoping to catch that person changing a tire. The intrusive surveillance tactics through somebody’s front window. All these things have occurred and will continue to occur.

You need a lawyer who is able to deal with those issues and cares about what is important to you.