Let me tell you what’s going to happen when you call us. What’s going to happen when you come in? Let me ease your mind.

When you call this law firm you will talk to a lawyer. An intake form is prepared by a paralegal with the basic facts of your case. That is, when you call this law firm you will talk to a lawyer. A paralegal will talk to you first and gather the basic facts of your case. When the lawyer picks up the phone to talk to you he will have those facts and he can discuss the case, the problems you are having, the reason you are on Worker’s Compensation, the reason you were turned down from Compensation, whatever the case may be. At that point the lawyer makes a determination as to whether this law firm wants to represent you.

If we make that determination then we become the lawyer that wants your case and we express that to you and we hope you in turn have decided in this early stage from this early conversation to proceed in hiring us as your Worker’s Compensation lawyer. If you live a distance from us we send an investigator to your home, an individual who calls you first and makes an appointment and comes into your living room or your kitchen room and sits with you, does not rush you, goes through the facts, gets the paperwork that is required, and brings it back to the law firm. At that point a file is opened and communications through letters begin. We advise the bureau. We advise the other side meaning the insurance company and your employer. We advise your doctors. We communicate with your health care providers, physical therapists, whoever. Everyone knows at that point that Shor Levin is your lawyer. This takes a great burden off your shoulders because once you are represented the case proceeds without the burden to you.

You have enough problems. You have an injury. You have pain. You have your income interrupted. You do not need to be bothered by people, by questions that involve your case. This is what the law firm does. This is what the law firm is for.

When you call the law firm of Shor Levin the phone will be answered by Joanne, Noreen, Evelyn, Yvette the paralegals the front the real treasures of our law firm. They will make you feel comfortable. They will take your information. They will gather enough to advise the lawyer what your case is about. The next step is you will talk to one of our lawyers. During this conversation you can get a feeling for who we are and the passion we have to represent you. You will get a feeling for our experience and our knowledge right then and there in the first conversation and hopefully you will make a decision to hire us by the end of that conversation.