Okay, what is at stake? You are injured at work and now are flirting with disaster. You may be morose, depressed. You find a list of lawyers and they all look the same. The system seems tilted against you, You feel like you are screwed. You say to yourself, “Will someone tell me what to do? Tell me what I need to think and understand and decide.”

Here is my answer…

When a disabling injury occurs we know that there is a lot more going on besides your weekly cheques. Weekly checks don’t answer all your questions but without those weekly checkes how do you pay your mortgage? How do you pay the electric bill? There are other things going on but the decisions you make about the financial security of you and your family will run with you for the rest of your life. The difference between a case that’s worth say $5,000 and $150,000 is the difference between what you do now and what your options are in the future. Without a proper settlement you are not going to be able to go to tech school or college or retrain for another job.

Most of our clients are in very physically demanding jobs: contractors, electricians, carpenters, roofers. What are you going to do when that cheque stops? The difference between a good lawyer and a lawyer who doesn’t know what they are doing and who only handles a few cases a year is the difference between a future that you can live with and a future that you are going to regret.

You know an unfortunate fact in this practice is that when you deal with disabled people you are dealing with people in a lot of pain. Many of our clients if not dependant rely on pain medication to get themselves through. Insurance company have noticed that weak point and unfortunately have refused to pay frequently for pain medication, sleeping medications, antidepressants all of which are related to the work injury. We know that and you know that. We have developed a system to ensure that your get your medications on time. In fact we forged an alliance with a private pharmacy company that will deliver the medications directly to you so you don’t have to stand in line at Walmart or Walgreen or Riteaid. Not that there is anything wrong with those corporations but we know that it’s sometimes embarrassing and be told by the clerk your claim is denied. We have taken steps to service you on that basis also.

It’s an unfortunate fact that disabled people often become dependent and rely on medications pain medications, nerve medications, sometimes even antidepressants. The insurance company have noticed this weak point. What they have done is they have made it very embarrassing for you to go to a chain to a Riteaid or a Walgreen or a Walmart when you go with your prescription and you are told by your clerk the insurance carrier has denied your claim. We at Shor Levin  have recognized this and we have taken measures to forge an alliance with a private pharmacy that will hand deliver your medications to you. We think that this is a good service to provide to our clients and we do that for you.

Clients call all the time. “Oh I went to Walgreens. They said it’s denied.” So we step in to make it right. There is an art in Worker’s Compensation dealing with the pharmacies and talking the language with the claims adjustor to get prescriptions hand delivered.