You say to yourself, “I am a good negotiator. I am smart. Those lawyers on the other side aren’t going to fool me.”

Some people have asked why can’t I negotiate my own settlement. The answer to that question is that I have been practicing law for 37 years, my partner Larry Levin for the same, my partner Joseph Dorita not far behind. We have handled thousands of cases. We have lived through the changes in the Worker’s Compensation law. We have met the adjustors. We know the judges and we know the lawyers. We know how far we can push a settlement with a particular group of people. We know what kind of cases bring what value. We know what to emphasize and what to deemphasize. You can’t possibly know this yourself. You can’t possibly have the experience to put your facts, your case up against the hundreds and hundreds that have been settled prior to you being ready to settle your case.

This is what you are investing 20 percent in and it is well worth it. It is well worth it because you will undervalue your case. You will sell out cheaper than you should, and sometimes believe it or not a case should not be settled at all and you won’t know that. So hire a good lawyer, a lawyer from Shor Levin. Feel comfortable in the range of values that we give you and you will be successful in settling your case for what it is worth.