fraud-work-comp-imageA 50-year-old Milton woman is accused of collecting more than $45,000 in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits intended for her deceased father.

According to documents in the case, the woman failed to notify the insurer of her father’s death. Instead, she is accused of continuing to accept and cash his weekly benefits. She also is suspected of signing his name to documents and returning them to the insurer. She faces one count of workers’ compensation insurance fraud and another count of theft by deception.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud is a serious problem that costs not only the State of Pennsylvania but Pennsylvania workers thousands of dollars each year. Although workers’ compensation fraud can take a number of forms,
some of the more common scenarios include:

  • Claiming injury when the claimant isn’t actually injured.
  • Claiming that a pre-existing injury was caused by a recent workplace accident.
  • Continuing to claim benefits after the injury has healed.
  • Working “under the table” while collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

A Pennsylvania worker who has been injured in the workplace or who becomes ill as a result of his or her employment may be entitled to benefits for lost wages and medical treatment. There are a number of rules that a recipient must follow to continue to be eligible for benefits.

Ultimately, workers’ compensation fraud raises the premiums paid by employers. That, in turn, raises employers’ overall operating costs. Eventually, those costs may affect worker salaries and benefits.

In short, workers’ compensation fraud impacts everyone. If you believe that someone is committing workers’ compensation fraud, you can report it to the Office of the Attorney General.

If you have been injured on the job or have an illness related to your employment, you could be entitled to benefits through the Worker’s Compensation.

Although the workers’ compensation system is intended to protect injured workers and their families, it can be difficult to navigate. If you have questions or concerns about your legal rights to compensation, contact the workplace injury attorneys Shor & Levin, the Bulldog Lawyers, at 866-462-8553 or through our online contact form.