The VA disability compensation rates are dependent on the percentage in which the veteran has been deemed disabled.

The VA disability compensation rates will take the condition or injury and determine from that standpoint how much function the veteran has left and how much they can do. For instance, if a woman has a hysterectomy while in the military, she can claim up to a 30% disability rating since the surgery removed a part of her while she was in active duty. If a soldier in a war loses a leg, they will likely receive a 100% disability rating which will provide them with an income that will allow them to survive without the need to work.

The amounts they are entitled to will are based not just on that percentage, but also on whether or not they live with their spouse, parents or children. The total amount of disability will be dependent on the household size and how many depend on the veteran for financial support.

Those who have the lowest possible VA disability compensation rates have the 30% rating. At this rating, the veteran can expect to receive $389 if the veteran lives alone or up to $550 if they have a spouse and dependents who depend on them for financial support. With this type of VA disability compensation rating, the veteran will be able to continue to work although the type of work will be slightly limited.

The highest rating is that of 100%. This is the most difficult VA disability compensation rates that the veteran can receive. Therefore, it is reserved only for those with the most serious illnesses and injuries that are typically sustained in a war. When a veteran receives these VA disability compensation rates, they are entitled to a minimum of $2700 if they live alone or up to $3200 if they are married with one child. Each additional child that receives support from the disabled veteran will be calculated into the benefit.

The sole purpose of the VA disability compensation rates is to make sure that when a veteran is injured in active duty, that they can apply for VA benefits and be taken care of after their duty is over.

They should be able to leave the service and continue their medical treatment and have enough money to survive without the need to work, the VA disability compensation rates allow for this to happen. For questions and advice, call 866-462-8553.