What-Jobs-Are-Most-Likely-to-Cause-Injury-Illness-ImageEach day across the United States, workers are injured or become ill as a direct result of their jobs. We know that certain jobs carry a risk of a workplace injury or illness. However, chances are that the jobs you think would be safest are actually among the riskiest.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which measures labor market activity, working conditions and price changes in the economy, releases an annual report on occupational injuries and illnesses. According to the 2012 report, the riskiest job in America was “nursing and residential care in a state government run facility.” The job caused 13.1 cases of injury or illness per 100 employees, with 7.4 of the cases causing the employee to miss days from work, transfer positions or restrict work activities, Business Insider reported.

Other jobs on the 2012 riskiest workplaces list include:

  1. Local justice, public order and safety activities (including police and firefighters)
  2. Nursing and residential care in local government facilities
  3. Local government hospitals
  4. Heavy and civil engineering construction for local governments
  5. Private nursing and residential care
  6. State justice, public order and safety activities
  7. Transit and ground passenger transportation for local governments
  8. Private air transportation
  9. Beverage and tobacco manufacturing

Four of the 10 jobs most likely to result in a workplace accident or injury are healthcare-related positions. You may be surprised to learn that those who work in healthcare are at great risk for workplace illness and injury.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, or have an illness that you believe was caused by your workplace, you may be entitled to benefits through the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system. However, the workers’ comp system can be difficult to navigate.

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