Farm Workers, Seasonal Workers and Part-time: Do You Know Your Rights if You are Injured?

Pennsylvania Farm Workers and Workers’ Compensation

Lancaster County is known for our farms. The county produces more livestock, dairy, wheat, corn, hay, tobacco, eggs, and milk than any other county in Pennsylvania.  However, farming is hard and dangerous work. Each year, more than 60,000 farmers and farm workers suffer job-related injuries; about 500 die.

Although farming is a hazardous job, many states provide little or no workers’ compensation coverage for farmworkers. Pennsylvania is an exception. Injured farm workers and laborers in Pennsylvania are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if one or both of the following applies:

  1. The  farmworker has earned more than $1200 at the job during the past calendar year OR
  2. The worker has been employed in the same position for 30 days or longer

Many Pennsylvania farm workers are undocumented workers. An undocumented worker is anyone who is paid “off payroll” or who is paid without providing documentation showing the right to work. Under Pennsylvania law, undocumented farm workers can expect their employer to pay for medical care if they are hurt on the job. If the injury is severe, they may also receive total disability benefits. However, your employer won’t tell you about these benefits. You have to ask about your legal rights.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Seasonal and Part-time Workers

Each year, millions of tourists visit Lancaster County’s historical communities and picturesque landscapes. Tourism provides thousands of part-time and seasonal jobs for local workers.

Because part-time and seasonal employees rarely qualify for benefits such as health insurance, many employees do not realize that they qualify for workers’ compensation if they are injured on-the-job. These benefits are available, but you must ask for them.

Confused about Workers’ Compensation? The Bulldog Lawyers Can Help

  • Not sure how whether you qualify for benefits?
  • Were you told that your injuries aren’t covered by workers’ compensation?
  • Did your employer deny your claim?
  • Are you afraid you will lose your job if you miss any more work?

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