Quick Facts About Medical Exams By the Insurance Company Doctor

If you are receiving workers’ compensation, it is likely at some point that the insurance company will send you to be examined by their doctor. This is a right that the insurance companies have. They can periodically have you re-examined to make sure that you are still injured.

They said it is an “Independent Medical Exam”

Is it “independent”? You tell me. The insurance company pays the doctor. So you tell me how independent the doctor is going to be! Therefore, if you have been asked to see their doctor, we suggest that you contact us for advice . Our experience is that these medical examinations are not independent.

These doctors, we believe, are often jaded by the fact that they are being paid by the insurance company. These doctors have been selected by the insurance company. The insurance company makes more money when they stop paying your benefits. So would they pick a doctor who wants to keep your benefits in place, or one who wants to deny you your benefits?

All day, every day, denying claims

Many of these doctors spend all day, every day, seeing patients provided by the insurance companies. They literally see hundreds of injured workers, and most of the time they are more aggressive about forcing workers back to work than the workers own family doctor who is more familiar with that patient.

“But it’s only a second opinion…” Don’t be fooled!

We hear this all the time. Our client comes in after being denied benefits after seeing the insurance company’s doctor for a “second opinion” at the request of their employer. It’s often a trap; more like a second bit at the apple or a second chance to deny you benefits. Know your rights! Call a lawyer as soon as you receive a notice or are asked to see their doctor. Determine whether or not they have the right to examine you again. You may have a right to refuse the examination. Consult a lawyer!

A lawyer can also help you know rights during the examination too!