If you thought being in the military was difficult, get ready for the fight of your life as you try to obtain what is rightfully yours-Veterans’ Disability Benefits.

Veteran’s benefits is a right accorded to our service men and women who have contributed to defending our country on the battlefield or in a support role. If you were on active duty service and suffered a disability either as a result of being on the battlefield or from some other non-service related injury such as a car accident, you are entitled to certain benefits including health care, education and training, burial and survivor’s benefits, insurance, home loans, disability benefits and pension.

If you are a veteran and are now suffering from a disability that is service-related or from any other non-service related disability, you are entitled to certain benefits as well. There are VA disability compensation rates that determine the amount of benefits to which you may be entitled.

VA benefits is a complicated area of the law, especially when you are unsure of what benefits you may be entitled to or have a claim denied. In these cases, you need a legal advocate who will aggressively defend your rights and obtain for you the compensation you deserve. We know the ins and outs and most of all, the laws involved in the decision-making process of what gets granted and what gets denied. Life is not always fair but lawyers like soldiers will fight for justice, your journey to justice. As your representative our lawyers will be your agent in meetings, telephone conversations, or discussions with the VA. We help you in the preparation of your claim. We know the law and regulations governing the issues of your claim. We prepare motions and briefs on your behalf setting forth your argument so the VA cannot deny it on a simple technicality. We prepare and accompany you to your hearings. We can work with you to organize the evidence which will be vital to winning your claim and consult with you on how to start the process.

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The Bulldog lawyers have over 30 years of experience in successfully representing injured and disabled service members and veterans. With a dedication to your claim that your military service deserves, our firm provides the professional help you require to give you the best opportunity for a successful resolution. If you or a loved one were injured in active duty service, stop the roadblocks and call us today toll-free at 866-462-8553.