Disability University has already told you how to find a qualified Social Security disability attorney and what questions you should ask. Now we will provide you with our list of attributes that a qualified Social Security disability attorney should have. Not every attorney will meet all of these criteria, but the more of these attributes they have, the better off you will be.

  1. Experience – obviously, the longer an attorney has been practicing a particular area of law, the more he or she will know about it and the more he or she will understand your case.
  2. Experience actually trying cases – ask the attorney how many cases he or she has actually handled.
  3. Respect in the legal community – does the attorney teach other lawyers in Continuing Legal Education courses?
  4. Membership in bar associations and lawyer associations – your attorney should be a member of local and national organizations that provide extensive education and networking for lawyers involved with injured workers. The American Bar Association, the Injured Workers Bar Association State Bar Associations and of course, the National Organization of Social Security Claims Representatives are but a few.

Finding an attorney with the above mentioned attributes will significantly improve your chances of obtaining a successful result in your case.