A person is injured like you has a lot of choices in choosing a law firm. What do you need to know? How do you choose a law firm? Well first of all in Worker’s Compensation hiring a law firm that has a new fellow that is going to start doing Worker’s Compensation or has done a handful of cases is not the answer. There are law firms that specialize in Worker’s Compensation and only Worker’s Compensation. This is what you need. You can’t gain the experience necessary to be an excellent advocate in Worker’s Compensation in a half a year or a year. You will have had to live it. This is what we have done. We have lived it for many many years. We have lived through the changes. We have lived the battles. We have lived through every kind of litigation there is in Worker’s Compensation. When you have a Worker’s Compensation case either one of a few things happens.

In your case either you claimed you were injured on the job and you were successful in getting Worker’s Compensation yourself. There are those who claim they were injured and their Compensation is denied. There are those who are pushed back to work too quickly. There are those who the insurance companies do a vocational evaluational and try to limit the amount of Worker’s Compensation that they receive. There is different ways that the insurance companies work to limit your claim. We know every trick in the book and we would be pleased to take your case and add it to the experience that we have had in the past and for you to be a part of the future.

In a Worker’s Compensation case there are many factors that are beyond all of our control. For example there are certain insurance companies that are much easier to work with than others. You have no control over that. Your employer has hired an insurance carrier and paid the premium and that’s the one that we have to deal with. In addition to that there are judges who are easier to work with than other judges. There are some judges that are more, that lean more toward a working person than an employer. There are others that lean more toward the employer than the working person. So these factors are beyond our control but what isn’t beyond our control is to know these things through experience and to account for them in prosecuting your particular claim.