Did you know that… would it surprise you to discover that… You may think that but here’s the real deal…

Yeah. When it comes to workers compnesation, the devil is in the detail.

Someone who has a Worker’s Compensation case like yours may start to think about a settlement. You have heard about it on television. You have heard about it on the street. You had read about it a settlement. What’s a settlement? How do I get a settlement? Do I qualify for a settlement? There are many misconceptions about a Worker’s Compensation settlement. First of all I want you to know that there is no pain and suffering in a Worker’s Compensation case. We can’t use that as a damage aspect as you can in an auto accident or in a product liability case. So what do we have? How do we value the case? Well there is a few ways. The first item to go into this valuing of your case is what your wages were. If your wages were small your settlement will be relatively small in comparison to others. If your wages were great and your Compensation rate is near the maximum then your settlement will be larger. It’s based upon your wages. It’s based upon your injury. It’s based upon your future ability to return to work or being disabled and never being able to return to work.

There are other factors and misconceptions. Someone who is on Social Security Disability, people think that you can just go settle your cases. Well it has become much more complicated then that today. You need Social Security’s permission to settle your case and you need to advise Medicare that you are about to settle so that they can set up a deductible for you and this becomes a rather complicated and precarious situation without a lawyer. There is no question in my mind that the fee that you will pay to a lawyer in settling your case is well worth it. You will settle your case for less money than it’s worth and you will probably make a mistake along the way. Pay the fee, get your value, and at Shor Levin we pride ourselves in getting the highest value in cases that we handle. This is where we really shine.