smartphone-construction-imageSmartphones can let you check email, get directions, or even watch movies. If you are a construction worker, you can also use your smartphone to stay safe on the job. The following safety apps offer safety-related information and assistance for those in the construction industry.

  • Heat Safety Tool – Created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, this app allows you to calculate the heat index for your worksite. From there, you are able to determine a risk level for you and your fellow workers. The app even allows you to set reminders for preventive measures such as breaks or water intake to keep you from suffering a heat-related illness.
  • iTriage – If you are in the construction industry then you already know there is a good chance you, or a fellow worker, could be injured on the job at some point. The iTriage app lets you search for medical information based on symptoms and find medical locations. Developed by two ER doctors, the app can also be downloaded for your Android device at Google play.
  • Ladder Safety – Developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, this free app promises “a multimodal indicator, which uses visual and sound signals to assist the user in positioning an extension ladder at an optimal angle.” It also provides reference materials, safety guidelines, and checklists to keep you safe while using ladders. Also available free from here.
  • LiftRight – Many workplace back injuries are the result of improper lifting techniques or simply attempts to lift something that should not be lifted. This app allows you to input data related to a prospective lift and performs the NIOSH Lifting Equation to analyze the safety of the lift. LiftRight is also available free here.
  • Safety News – If you are a supervisor, manager, or owner in the construction industry, it pays to stay informed with the latest safety news. This free app provides you with all worksite safety news in one place, customizable to meet your specific needs or industry. Also available from Google play for free.

As you already know, a construction site can be full of potential hazards and risks for the workers who spend their work day there. By downloading and using one or more of these apps, you may be able to reduce the risks you face each day and be better prepared to react in the event a work-related injury occurs despite your best efforts to prevent it.