When you get hurt on the job and can’t work, you may be worried about paying your medical costs and other bills. Fortunately, Pennsylvania law requires your employer to cover your costs. You can collect benefits through the PA workers’ compensation system. An experienced workers’ comp attorney from Shor & Levin, P.C., will help you.

A Closer Look at Your Workers’ Comp Options

Workers’ compensation can cover your medical costs, lost wages and more to make sure that you don’t struggle financially after a work injury. Some of the different kinds of benefits you can get from workers’ comp include:

  • Lost wages – If you miss work for seven days or more, you can get workers’ comp benefits that pay you up to 2/3 of your average weekly wage. The benefits checks start coming around three weeks after your work injury. But you need to make sure that your average weekly wages are calculated correctly. Sometimes, employers don’t include overtime or other bonus pay in your weekly wage calculation. They try to pay you less than they should. Your lawyer will protect your right to be paid correctly.
  • Medical bills – Your medical bills can be 100 percent covered by workers’ compensation. In fact, workers’ comp benefits should even cover the cost of your transportation to the doctor.
  • Total disability benefits – Sometimes, a work injury keeps you from going back to work for a long time. If this happens, ongoing temporary disability benefits are available.  If your injury is bad enough that you can never go back to work, then you can get permanent disability benefits. These benefits cover a percentage of your average weekly wages. They are separate from other disability benefits you might collect, such as Social Security Disability (SSD). An attorney can discuss these different benefit options with you.
  • Partial disability benefits – If your injury makes doing your old job impossible, but you can still take on lighter duty work, partial disability benefits may be available. These benefits cover some of the difference between what you made before getting hurt and what you can earn at your new job.
  • Specific loss benefits – These benefits are available if you experience certain kinds of injuries that never go away. For example, if your workplace accident leaves you blind or leads to losing your leg, you should be compensated for this permanent loss. The amount of benefits will depend on the type of injury. A lawyer will help you find out if you are eligible and what benefits you may receive.
  • Death benefits – If your family member died in a workplace accident, you can receive benefits to pay for funeral costs and the lost financial support that the worker would have provided to spouses, minor kids or other family members.

All of these different kinds of benefits are available in the PA workers’ compensation system so that you don’t have to face financial struggles due to a work injury. But sometimes, claims aren’t paid the way they should be. Employers and insurance companies try to use dishonest tactics to deny you the benefits that you deserve. A PA workers’ compensation lawyer will make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

The Bulldog Lawyers Will Fight For Your Work Injury Benefits

When you or a loved one gets hurt on the job, you need to focus on getting better. You shouldn’t worry about fighting with big insurance companies that want to escape their obligations to you. Let the Bulldog Lawyers of Shor & Levin, P.C., fight for your right to get the maximum workers’ comp benefits you deserve.

For more than 40 years, our PA workers’ comp attorneys have been helping injured workers who have suffered on-the-job injuries or who have come down with job-related illnesses. We fight for PA workers and their families. We take our job seriously.   We know the laws and we know how to make the system work for you.

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